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About Us

    Tone-Shine is a professional company in design, manufacture as well as a distribution of  various high quality Antennas, RF connectors ,RF coaxial cables and communication  connection products for wireless AP and industrial applications.

    Tone-Shine was established in  1973 and head office is in Tokyo of Japan, We have high levels of facilities, strong R&D team  and manufacturing abilities.

    This is the assurance for us to meet our customers' all kinds of  requirements. Besides,Tone-Shine certified of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 for high  quality and environmental management, We are a professional global supplier of  communication and RF connection products for years.

   The products we provide including RF  antenna, all frequency bands of antennas, RF connector  (F、SMA、SMB、TNC、BNC、MCX、MMCX、FME), High frequency of cables  (H.FL、E.FL、U.FL、W.FL、I-PEX ) and Network cable、USB cable and HDMI cable.

    Our ideal mission is to develop and manufacture the new generation wireless Antennas and  RF connection products offering the best value of booming new communication industry.

   We has became a main supplier in Wireless LAN antenna and RF products for worldwide  customers.

   We assure that the most types of antennas and various connectors will be designed  and produced by Tone-shine that are all competitive enough in our quality, reliability and price-  effective to arise the value of our customer’s products.

   We expect you to be one of our  customers.