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      Our company is a professional electronic compoments manafacture  established since 1974.It combines designmanufacture and marketing of various high quality Switch、Cable and Antennas  .
We have
ISO9001: 2008 and  ISO 14001 dual certified of management . All kinds of antenna extensive applying on the wireless system. Such as .Wireless router (A.P)
NoteBook Mobil phone and all Industrial products with wireless fuctions.In addition to we insist on the "design innovation' and "superior service " in order to provide customer more suitable and high quality products.



(1). Antenna Products : 

          DVB-T External Antenna
  Mobil Digital TV 470MHz~860MHz

          WiMAX / WLAN External  Antenna
   WiFi for IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
   WiMAX for wide wireless area


         Embeded Antenna :

     PIFA Antenna 

     Creamics Antenna 

     Patch Antenna 

    Chip Antenna


     Outdoor High Gain Antenna :

     High Gain Dipole Antenna 

     High Gain Patch Antenna 

      PrintBoard Antenna :

      Printboard Antenna for Singleband
Triband or multiband .


(2). Switch Products


      Since 1974 we specialized in

      manufacture and sale all kind of Switch. All types switch  is already extensive applying on  customer product or  industrial device. For example, Vehicle electronic products presonal computer and  communication productsAll switch products are made by oneself. We offer satisfy service to  customer depend on Produce experience to innovate constantly with the switch of over 40 years, 




(3). Mini Coaxial Cable Assembly Products:


   –    Hirose connector  & coaxial cable assembly

      Connector type : H.FL /  E.FL /  U.FL  /  W.FL

   •   Cable type :(0.81 / 1.0 / 1.13 / 1.32 /  1.37....)


       –     I-Pex connector & coaxial cable assembly

         •    Connector type : I-PEX  (I) ~ I-PEX (V)…

   •     Cable type : (RG-178 / 0.81 / 1.13 / 1.32 / 1.37)


       –     SMA Connector &  coaxial cable assembly

   •    Connector type : SMA (Plug / R.Plug / Jack / R.Jack)

   •     Cable type : (RG-178 / RG-58 /1.13 / 1.32/1.37)




Ours  Guarantee :  

    •    Superior Quailty and Performance 
 •    High reliability and durability. 

           •     Competitiveness advantage of the price. 
         •    Cooperative partner of sincerity. 
           •    Innovative technology and rapid reaction. 
         •    High efficiency researched developed and produced.